Loose Outlet or switch?

Easily fix stripped and damaged
electrical wall boxes.

The Box Doctor® repairs plastic and metal electrical boxes without having to replace the wall box. Easily fixes plastic and metal wall boxes of varying types and thicknesses in minutes.


Universal Design works on Plastic and Metal boxes.

U.S. Patent 10116128

For plastic boxes, center the clip over the damaged hole.  Height adjustable 6-32 screw slot quickly repairs a wide range of plastic box types.  One-way spikes dig in and lock into the damaged box.

Unique design allows repair of most plastic and metal wall boxes.  Works on thin and thick walled boxes.  Screwdriver reposition slot makes adjustment and removal easy.

Unique slide and lock feature securely locks onto damaged metal box tabs.  Slide to the right for a tighter fit or to the left for a looser fit depending on the box design.

Fix your frustrations

Loose Switches and Outlets are annoying and dangerous. The Box Doctor® is designed to fix broken and stripped electrical wall boxes without having to call an electrician or replace the entire box.  Works on a wide variety of boxes – even metal boxes!

Easily fixes plastic and metal wall boxes of varying types and thicknesses in minutes. 



Shut off power before working on a circuit. Always use approved materials and conform to all electrical codes. 

How to install:


Installation Videos

Easy to DIY!

Amazon Customer Review – “3 words: impressive, quick and easy! I’ve had several outlets around the house for years with damaged electrical boxes, but I never wanted to deal with a costly repair. These did the trick! Glad I found these!”

Lauren M.

Amazon Customer Review – “One of my outlets was loose and I couldn’t get the screw to stay threaded. Instead of replacing the box and cutting into the drywall…. I used one of these clips and was able to screw in the outlet again pretty quickly. These work great!”

Bob D.

Amazon Customer Review –  “I just finished fixing one of our newer outlets that has been abused a bit by our children. It is no longer loose and wiggly, and it took me less than 5 mins.”

James B.

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